Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Am Aiming For...

Remember that I Am From thing I did awhile ago? Well, I've read so many beautiful examples this week from others' blogs that I kicked around the idea of trying another I Am From. Then I thought, "Nah, that would be overkill or something." But then I thought aha! Since I Am From deals with the past, perhaps I could try a variation, one concerning the future.

So here it is... I am calling it I Am Aiming For... These are some of the things the Holy Spirit is always nagging--er--reminding me to let Him help me do...

I Am Aiming for...

I am aiming for always paying my bills on time... for eating right, taking my vitamins, and just accepting the fact that the older I get, the more high-maintenance I am becoming.

I am aiming for worrying less about my husband and daughter... for not being too shy to greet my neighbors when I'm in the yard and for not complaining about them to my husband when they make choices I would never make.

I am aiming for the law of kindness to be upon my tongue... for not always feeling like I have to teach people something... for listening to what others say they'd like so I can become better at giving gifts... for keeping-up with my email and my blog and not watching as much tv, even the good stuff, like Touched By An Angel and The Waltons.

I am aiming for finally cleaning-out our basement and our car and our guest room (and those other dirty little secrets in my house)... for freely letting go of my possessions... for finishing my painting projects and not pinching pennies because of old fears. For helping elderly ladies in the supermarket reach things on shelves... for not forgetting to give to charity.

I am aiming for growing older gracefully and spending more time alone with God... for relying on Him to help me remember things since my own memory has become so bad... for complaining less and praying more... and for seeking above all else, to know and love God better.

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