Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Two Radio Stations

Some days it feels like I have two radio stations inside me, one broadcasting from my head and one from my heart. They are very different. The radio station in my head has one setting--Loud-- and a typical hourly broadcast sounds like this:

I wish we had more money in our savings account.
Not many people commented at my blog today. Bummer.
I can't believe some of my best friends forget my birthday every year.
My tooth hurts.
I don't feel like grocery shopping today. Argh.
I can't believe that ____ removed me from her blogroll.
This computer is so slow sometimes and Blogger is messing-up again. Grr.
I wish Tom would quit asking me if I've paid our bills yet.
This winter is lasting f-o-r-e-v-e-r. a scratchy old record playing over and over and 'round and 'round...

My head's radio station's call letters are WDCM... They stand for Wailing, Discontented, Complaining Mess. WDCM is always available. It's a 24-hour station.

But the radio station in my heart... Oh my, that one has a better, whole separate program schedule. Yet it plays softly. I have to pause a lot more often to listen... I have to still my steps and my pace and turn down that WDCM in my head. For what my heart's station plays is much more listen-worthy:

I'll feed the backyard birds today--they will reward me with their singing.
I'll play the classical radio station for my cats while they're up in my room, alone, to keep them company.
When my friends let slip a , "I wish I had...," I'll make a note of that and surprise them later.
I'll putter in my kitchen this afternoon and bake a pie for Tom.
We have enough money for all our real needs--I am grateful.
When I go to the supermarket, I'll smile at lots of people. It will be fun.
Today I'll believe that people reading my blog take away something to brighten their day, even though they didn't leave a comment.
I'll keep remembering my friends' birthdays whether they remember mine or not...what matters is that I keep giving.
Spring-like weather is just around the corner... I'll step outside the door and breathe and believe it's traveling toward my town.

My heart's radio station's call letters are WSGP... They stand for Walking Serenely, Gratefully, Peacefully. WSGP even has a slogan: "Thinking of how to bless others rather than how others can bless me."

I think I'll tape a note to my refrigerator to remind me to tune-in to WSGP more often. I am always blessed by what I hear there.

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