Friday, March 17, 2006

Tap. Tap. "Is This Thing On?"

I'm back! (Knocking madly on wood...) Although, some of you probably didn't even know I was gone.

Because of technical difficulties with Blogger, my blog was unsee-able by anyone, including me. I kept getting the "You are not authorized to view this page" message and I was, like, I admit it, a tad indignant. "Not authorized to view my own blog?? I don't think so!!" ...heh...

My blog and many others were totally offline around 16 hours, or so, and for hours after that, we were unable to post anything new. (Even now, things are dicey.) When I clicked on the "Help" button, I saw many upset messages from others having the same problems. And ok... I was a tad upset, too, but hey! It was my birthday, after all. At least I didn't leave an irate message with poor ol' Blogger.

Many people, though, threatened to move their blogs elsewhere and leave Blogger in their dust. But one level-headed, kind person reminded everyone that Blogger is a free service, they rarely have enormous problems like these and they should be given some slack.

I read that and er, hung my head and whispered, "Amen."

This one little glitch in the pattern of my life reminded me of something bigger. We, as a society, are spoiled rotten. We fall apart when our stuff falls apart because we expect it to last forever. We expect the Road of Life to be smoooooth.... We get frustrated when the tiniest things don't go our way... like when we're late traveling somewhere and all the slowpokes suddenly crawl into their cars and drive in front of us.

My oh my... How will we act if something Big and Scarey happens in the future to us as a Country? I've been hearing lately that we really should be preparing for a possible pandemic to hit us... how we should be staying stocked up on groceries in our homes in case, heaven forbid, everyone will be told to stay home, away from stores, for fear of spreading we should be set-up to work from home.... have a few back-up plans for our families... etc., etc.

I think about all that and I shake my head that right now, many--most--of us get mad/frustrated/ballistic when our lightbulbs burn out, the cat throws up or our alarm clock doesn't go off.

Maybe we should just be grateful for Now and how good, relatively, Now is... Maybe we could slip back into Reality, calm down, and just enjoy what we have while we still have it.

And perhaps we could learn right now to grab onto the Rock that does not roll and get used to running to Him when Little Things Go Wrong (as they do, as they will, guaranteed). It's a given that things will go wrong. But then, it's a given, also, that God will strengthen us through it all--if we rely on Him and not on ourselves.


Ack! Talk about a test... Soon after writing this, Blogger once again, messed up and my blog became just a white screen for hours and hours and hours.... How much can one person take? ...heh... Just kidding...

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